Our Fees

Our Search Fee is only payable once you’ve purchased a property, at the signing of the final deed (Acte de Vente). The Level depends on your search requirements and ranges from 1.8% to 3.42% (including 20% TVA) of the purchase price, with the percentage going down as the purchase price increases. The minimum Search fee is €5,400 including TVA.

We don’t share the commission fee with the agent, so that we can maintain our independent status. This means that we work solely with your interests in mind.

In the majority of cases, the money that we save our clients more than covers the costs of our fees, meaning that it is in effect free.

This is because:

  • We aim to negotiate a better price and one that you are unlikely to achieve as a foreign buyer. Because we are based in the region and work with all the estate agents, we have a very good idea what price a house should be and how much room for negotiation there is within an asking price. We know what represents good value here and what does not. We can also ensure that a seller is not quoting one price to local buyers and another to foreigners. In addition, we know what comparable houses have sold for in the area and how long it has been on the market. When it comes to making an offer, we can negotiate the best possible price on your behalf, giving you a saving that is usually easily more than enough to cover our fees.


  • We save you all the money that you would normally have to spend on searching for the perfect house yourself. House hunting abroad can be an expensive business and wasted viewings equate to wasted money. The cost of trips to France, the car hire and fuel, hotels and meals all add up. We save you those costs so that you will almost certainly recoup our fees in the savings you make from not having had numerous frustrating and expensive viewing trips.