Our Service


You have a limited amount of time to spend searching for a property and a vast number of agents advertising properties of all types, in varying conditions and locations. Finding your dream house could take up a huge amount of your time and energy. You also want to save yourself the stress, cost and frustration of wasted visits to France.


We know the area and have an extensive network of local contacts. Hundreds of properties are never advertised on the internet or with agents but because we live in the area, we can scour the market on your behalf to find you hidden treasures. Agents always present properties in the best possible light, whereas we will uncover any problems that may not be obvious in the details or on the website and make you aware of them.

Local Knowledge

Being based in the area means that we also have an accurate picture of the way that the local market is performing and the value that properties in the area are selling for. In the French market, property valuations can vary widely so it can be hard to know whether the price asked is realistic. We are in the best position to assess this and ensure you do not pay more than you should.


Because we are independent property finders and are NOT linked to any agent, we only act for you, the buyer. This means that we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you pay the best possible price for your property. We will ensure that you pay “local” rather than “tourist” prices.Very often, the price we negotiate for you will save you considerably more than the cost of our fee.

Peace of Mind

We have been through the buying process ourselves and understand how much it helps to have someone who knows the system and can deal with any problems that might arise on your side.