Regional Gastronomy

Learn about local delicacies

A trip to any one of the bustling markets held throughout the area reveals a mouth watering range of seasonal produce. The region’s proximity to the Atlantic coast is evident in the freshness and variety of fish and seafood, whilst it is easy to spend far longer than you had intended sampling the delights of local cheeses.

It’s estimated that close to 75% of France’s goats cheese is produced in this region and almost every farm and restaurant will urge you to sample one of the many locally produced varieties.

The village of Échiré in the heart of the Marais Poitevin produces its own world renowned butter and also welcomes visitors to its shop where you can sample the produce and buy on site.

The local mojettes – small white beans – are a speciality of the region. Local restaurants cook them slowly and serve them with gammon – a real savoury treat. If you have a sweet tooth, Niort (the capital of the region) is famed for the production of angelica, a confection first made in the city by the nuns who celebrated its healing properties. The local market not only sells candied strips of sticky green angelica but you can also sample angelica liqueur, cream and a wide range of other products.

A visit to La Mothe Saint Héray in Deux Sèvres is the perfect excuse to sample Fouasse de la Mothe Saint Héray , a rich cake which is traditionally eaten dipped in red wine