Metro…. Boulot …..London


This time last week I was eagerly anticipating my visit to The France Show.

Fast forward seven days and here I am, back in our farmhouse in the depths of the Deux-Sevrès countryside, busily typing e- mails to some of the lovely people I met on the FrenchEntrée stand.

I’m always more than happy to extol the virtues of La Vie Francaise. In fact, the other half frequently has to give me one of his ‘looks’ when I overdo it. He claims that he can hear faint strains of accordion music when I get into full flow but I think he’s just succumbing to stereotypical notions.
As you can imagine, I was in my element at the show talking to so many people whose enthusiasm for France matched my own. There was no sign at all of the doom and gloom that seems to be a staple of so many media reports on the state of the UK economy. On the contrary I, and my fellow property finders, met numerous clients who were fully committed to the prospect of owning a French property and had decided that 2012 was the year to buy.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable weekend describing the typical stone built properties to be found in the lively towns, peaceful countryside and quiet villages of my area. After numerous discussions about the attractions of the sunshine, the cuisine and the lifestyle I was more than happy to board Eurostar and head for my own little place in the sun.





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  • Nice photo, Val! And you mirror my thoughts about the show. The enthusiasm of everybody I talked to was high. And like you, I didn’t see much sign of recession when I snuck out to a shopping centre for an hour or two between sessions.

    I fully share your feeling about life here in la belle France. And I was struck by the lack of traffic and the several degrees higher temperature as I left Poitiers Airport yesterday on the way home to my own chez moi…