Parlez Vous Francais?

So you’ve found your ideal property in France, be it holiday home or permanent residence,and you’re already planning where to put the furniture. Suddenly, you’re faced with all sorts of things to organise: insurance, banking, local taxes and utility bills all need to be dealt with. If you’re making a permanent move here ,there’ll also be health care, the dreaded income tax forms, car insurance and registration, schooling if you’ve got a young family and a host of other paperwork to sort out. The French are famed for their love of bureaucracy and it’s vital to ensure you get it right first time-  mistakes can cost both time and money.

If you speak the language well then you’ll usually be able to navigate your way through. However, if :a) your French is of a basic standard and/or b) you found the terminology of official documents bewildering in the UK, it’s a fair bet that you’re going to be in urgent need of help when faced with their Gallic equivalents!

I often recommend that my clients engage the services of a translator to make sure that problems with the language don’t turn their French dream into a nightmare. As I never recommend anyone unless I have first -hand experience of their work , it’s fortunate that I’m in regular contact with Alison Morton –find her at:   www.alisonmorton-translator

As a fully qualified translator who has over ten years experience of translating legal, corporate, social and economic documents from French into English, Alison is well placed to advise you. If you prefer to deal with paperwork in a language you understand, I suggest you get in touch.

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