Everything but the Kitchen Sink….

Buying into the dream of owning a French property often means being seduced by the challenges of the inevitable “Renovation Project”. Overnight, it seems, hordes of Francophiles discover the joys and trials of re-pointing, dry lining and other assorted DIY jobs. Not only that but suddenly, we’re doing it all in French!

For many of us, DIY used to mean a quick trip to B&Q or similar on a Sunday morning and an afternoon spent painting or tiling. Here in France, Sunday afternoons must be reserved for spending quiet time at home – not hammering nails into 2X4 or blasting the neighbours with the screaming of your new power saw. Worse still for the DIY fanatic, there are NO stores open on a Sunday!

Not only that, but tools and equipment often seem to cost more in France. Help is at hand though. Last Friday night, we experienced for the first time a shopping frenzy of the type normally only seen late on Christmas Eve in the UK.

 Arriving at our local DIY store (the one whose name begins with Mr) shortly before 7pm, we found the car park jam packed and had to struggle to find a trolley. Entering the store in our quest for door handles, grouting and some lino, we were somewhat taken aback by the sheer numbers of people in the aisles. The reason for this DIY fest is something it’s useful to know about. Spending €10 on a DIY store loyalty card might seem like a lot but, here’s the good bit, it gets you invited to special 20% discount evenings where you can fill your trolley with all manner of home improvement goodies.( It also gets you discount deals and money off vouchers).

So, if you’re up to your ears in your own French renovation project, or plan to start work soon, I’d recommend applying for one of these cards. It really is €10 well spent.

Right, just off to help the other half grout those tiles. Bon Weekend!

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