A Private Word

Why is that whenever you put the word “private” before something it often sounds more appealing? Try it for yourself: private beach, private plane, private party….
See what I mean? Instantly they all sound more glamorous, more exclusive and, lets face it, more expensive. That’s certainly what you’d expect but…. I might just surprise you now.
On my travels last week, I came across a pretty riverside cottage. Four bedrooms, green shutters, recently re-roofed. How am I doing so far? Sound quite appealing? I think so. Affordable? Possibly.
If I go on to tell you that the riverside setting is in the heart of the stunningly beautiful wildlife haven known the Marais Poitevin , I expect you’d immediately add a few thousand euros to the price.
Still within budget do you think? Maybe. Then comes the clincher, this riverside house comes complete with…..it’s own private mooring! I guess that now you’re mentally adding at least another zero.
Before you make your mind up about the asking price, take a look at the photos.
Lovely house, picturesque setting, private mooring- over your budget,do you think?
Now for the good bit. In the Deux Sèvres department, this little gem is on the market for a little under 150,000. In this area, you definitely get more for your money so ,being exclusive costs a lot less than you might think. Another reason I love living in this part of France.

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