The Best Laid Plans….

With two sets of property finding clients due to visit at the start of this week, the diary was already looking quite busy.

Client number one is in the process of buying a grand “maison bourgeois” right in the heart of a pretty historic town.

We found this gem when searching in the usually quiet . . . → Read More: The Best Laid Plans….

A Coulon Beer

I always love an excuse for a trip to Coulon and this week I’ve managed it twice in the space of forty eight hours!

Thursday afternoon’s visit was a meeting with some lovely people I talked to at the France Show in January who are looking to buy a holiday home in the area. No . . . → Read More: A Coulon Beer

Spring Arrivals

It’s official- spring has definitely come to the Deux– Sèvres, it’s arrival signalled by longer, sunny days, vibrant spring flowers and clouds of blossom. Joining the tree frogs, butterflies and spring lambs are other visitors. The higher temperatures and Easter break mean that lots of holiday home owners make their first visit of the . . . → Read More: Spring Arrivals

Snow Problem


Astonishingly, the freeze continues here, with temperatures regularly plunging below zero and a blanket of snow covering the Deux- Sèvres countryside.

Even though we don’t get such extreme weather often in this part of France, it can have potentially dire consequences if you own a holiday home. Problems can range from . . . → Read More: Snow Problem

Metro…. Boulot …..London


This time last week I was eagerly anticipating my visit to The France Show.

Fast forward seven days and here I am, back in our farmhouse in the depths of the Deux-Sevrès countryside, busily typing e- mails to some of the lovely people I met on the FrenchEntrée stand.

I’m always . . . → Read More: Metro…. Boulot …..London

The Joys of January

After the excitement of Christmas has passed I know that January can be a miserable month for lots of people but personally the start of a new year always gets me excited.

So, what am I looking forward to in January 2012?

First signs of Spring.


Here, in the Deux-Sèvres department of Poitou . . . → Read More: The Joys of January

Parlez Vous Francais?

So you’ve found your ideal property in France, be it holiday home or permanent residence,and you’re already planning where to put the furniture. Suddenly, you’re faced with all sorts of things to organise: insurance, banking, local taxes and utility bills all need to be dealt with. If you’re making a permanent move here ,there’ll also . . . → Read More: Parlez Vous Francais?

How Many Property Finding Days Till Christmas???

Autumn seems to have come to Deux- Sèvres at last. Finally, the leaves are beginning to take on glorious red, orange and amber hues, bonfire smoke drifts lazily across the freshly -ploughed dark fields and creatures large and small prepare to snuggle up for the winter.

All this means, of course, that I’ve got . . . → Read More: How Many Property Finding Days Till Christmas???

A Pressing Engagement

As someone who loves to experience new aspects of French life, I was sorry to be missing out on the chance to sample the delights of apple pressing. Fortunately my Other Half stepped into the breach and what follows is Andy’s account of an experience which began when the alarm went off . . . → Read More: A Pressing Engagement

A Very French Celebration

Whether it’s my abiding interest in human nature, fascination with psychology or simply sheer nosiness (as my other half calls it), I love to know what motivates people. As a Property Finder, it’s vital I develop a deep understanding of what makes my clients tick if I’m to find their . . . → Read More: A Very French Celebration