Home Is Where The Art Is

Why do I love my job? Is it because I get to meet some fascinating people? Or is because property finding lets me see round some fabulous houses? This week, the answer to both of these questions is a definite and enthusiastic yes! When you look at a property, particularly if it’s an older . . . → Read More: Home Is Where The Art Is

Compare the Market

Chateau Javarzay – Chef Boutonne

Yesterday’s gorgeous spring sunshine meant that I was able to combine business with pleasure. The morning was spent looking at properties (and, admittedly, “researching” the quality of coffee and patisserie) in the charming little market town of Chef Boutonne. Business completed, a stroll round the town taking in the . . . → Read More: Compare the Market

A Private Word

Why is that whenever you put the word “private” before something it often sounds more appealing? Try it for yourself: private beach, private plane, private party…. See what I mean? Instantly they all sound more glamorous, more exclusive and, lets face it, more expensive. That’s certainly what you’d expect but…. I might just . . . → Read More: A Private Word

Week -To- View

This week I’ve had a busy but very productive time out and about trying to find a well -restored traditional farmhouse that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Luckily the weather was on my side as the temperature went up, the sun shone and the countryside buzzed in anticipation of spring. So, into the . . . → Read More: Week -To- View