A Private Word

Why is that whenever you put the word “private” before something it often sounds more appealing? Try it for yourself: private beach, private plane, private party…. See what I mean? Instantly they all sound more glamorous, more exclusive and, lets face it, more expensive. That’s certainly what you’d expect but…. I might just . . . → Read More: A Private Word

Week -To- View

This week I’ve had a busy but very productive time out and about trying to find a well -restored traditional farmhouse that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Luckily the weather was on my side as the temperature went up, the sun shone and the countryside buzzed in anticipation of spring. So, into the . . . → Read More: Week -To- View

Paws for Thought – The Experiences on an Ex – Pat Cat

One of my concerns when we moved permanently to France was how well our young tabby cat Daisy would cope over here. So many things would be different: the language – should I have used flash cards to teach important vocabulary like souris & oiseau?; the food -for an English born cat used to no . . . → Read More: Paws for Thought – The Experiences on an Ex – Pat Cat